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>> slowest process. >> what is this? >> how about a sip of something? >> no. >> this is called an mimnosa. >> here's another virgin drink. >> mocking us for a month. >> orange juice. >> i hate it. >> you could get used to that. >> i don't suppose if you were desperate. >> bad as the last one, needs a little something, jerry. >> people are sending us vino, and we can't drink it. >> hoda's been cheating. why couldn't we have picked february, which is a short month? >> oh, well. >> you know what, the time has come. >> it is. >> the time has come. we need a little musical interlude. can you people it? ♪ i think we need a little something to imbibe on. something. >> donny and gage from yesterday's show. they were such a hit. >> i think i need to see some i.d. >> here you go, ladies.
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>> thank you, very much. >> those things hold a -- is there a bottle in each one of these? >> two. >> two and a half. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> personally. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> let's have our first sip, shall we? >> we hope you at home are -- well, what time is it, wherever you are. let's do it. >> that is delicious! >> it's that colby red. all the profits go to heart health. >> we love it. >> still trying to make it legit. you know what, i wrote on my twitter page the drought's over. and someone wrote, oh, you're having sex? that's what they wrote. twitter is awful. it's like the worst thing ever. we're not the only people celebrating. >> worldwide celebration. >> we had no idea it was so huge. let's look.
2:07 am
. oh, yes. where is this? >> everywhere. doesn't matter. >> uh-huh. london, berlin, rome, and my personal favorite, moscow. >> we're glad everyone's joining this celebration. you know, this has not been easy. not just for us, but those who work with us. >> really? i thought we were delightful personally through the whole thing. >> they haven't been happy. >> who cares? let's listen. >> i think kathie lee and hoda handled the pressure of not drinking on air for a month remarkably. i think they just upped their off-air drinking by probably 30%. >> i don't know how it went on air, but can i tell you the make-up room was hell, complete and utter hell. i've never seen crankier, moodier women in my entire life. >> what helped them was the fact that they actually continued to
2:08 am
drink, behind the set and during commercials. so i think the fact that they didn't stay sober during their month of sobriety really eased the tension around here. >> so really what's changed? so they get on the cover. now -- okay. so now they are complete, perfect human beings. and now that their month is up, they can go back to pillaging and robbing and slashing tires. really. ladies home journal, what were you thinking? so you got them on the cover. that's fantastic. now, okay? are going to be on the cover of law enforcement monthly. spectacular! that's great! >> that's funny. >> all i can say about them drink again is hallelujah. seriously. couldn't have happened soon enough. welcome back, ladies. it's nice to have you back to your oldselves. >> well, aren't they lovely? aren't they wonderful? by the way, we are going to be on the cover. but it's aarp.
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>> so there. all right. so here's "ladies home journal." we have a bone to pick with them just because it's been a difficult month. but they sent over a little love. they were personally afraid to come. >> oh, jerry. >> hoisting it. >> we want to thank everybody over there very, very much. >> there's a card. >> there's a message. hold on here. >> let's hope it's in big print. >> kathie lee and hoda, we thought you might be a little thirsty. enjoy. thank you so much for playing along. we're already cooking up new challenge ideas for 2014. cheers. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we have to do it again? >> no, we're not doing it again. >> jerry, can we give this to you? it's so huge. >> we know you have a very big back problem. hoda doesn't care. i do, jerry. thank you, jerry, what a man.
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>> we have lots to celebrate. >> we are going to los angeles, everybody. just in time for a nor'easter coming here in new york. ♪ >> we're going to have some fun. it's going to be a big west coast party. >> all the details are coming about, even as we speak. things are changing even as we speak. go to for the details on where to see us. >> we're going to have a lot of fun guests. >> one of them is blake shelton is going to be with us. >> we want you to come. bring creative signs, because if you have good signs out there from whenever we're broadcasting. >> which we'll be announcing soon. >> we may put you on tv for that. >> we hope you guys will join us. nothing is worse than if you're out trying to have some fun and nobody is there. you have to come. the fact that it's this weekend, no excuses. >> yes, a saturday and a sunday. you have nothing going on. >> later it's tuesday and wednesday, you know, call in sick. >> so, here's the deal. yesterday -- >> you got in a lot of trouble. . we did. >> i'm not in trouble. >> we talked about that godaddy add, remember that one?
2:11 am
>> what he's godaddy? it's some kind of web something. you can buy web sites or something. >> see, they've gotten more press, but nobody knows what go daddy is. anybody here know what godaddy is? >> you buy websites. >> okay, so here's the thing, we showed you the video of bar refaeli kissing the geeky guy. we did. he's a geeky guy and he admits it. we were saying, wow, is it that people don't like to watch very, very attractive people making out with other people? everyone wrote in and they were very upset. they said it had nothing to do with who was more or less attractive, what grossed them out was the sound, the slurping sound. so let's listen.
2:12 am
>>et your domain and website at >> we were doing our own sound effects. >> i didn't hear anything the first time. >> i don't think it was the hearing. i think people were just saying that. up i don't think it was the sound. >> when smart meets sexy, which one's sexy and which one's smart? that was the whole point of the thing. >> that is what it said? i didn't even notice it. that will ferrell one was equally cringy. will ferrell, we're used to seeing him do crazy antics. look here. >> people are saying in general they don't like these pda things. >> we did a poll on our web site. we asked if you think watching making out is gross or not, something like that. >> you know what it doesn't explain? apparently, there's a huge, huge market for something called porn. >> right. >> now, if people say it's the sounds that made them sick, then
2:13 am
why are so many of you watching porn, okay? >> that's a good, good question. >> we want you to go on our facebook and tell us if you're mad at us again. they are not mad at me, i don't read this stuff. it's you, hoda. you have an awful lot to do with it, account for. >> it is bad when you read things. sometimes it's better not to know. >> i don't know. i don't want to know. i don't care. my joy is not negotiable. >> if you drank a lot in your lifetime. >> or did lots of other things that are really, really bad for you. >> what would you look like in ten years? >> there's a little test, it's "prevention" magazine. ten questions. >> they have a website and you can figure out. we have the questions, how often do you feel tired a lot, do you smoke, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. food vices. >> choices are all kinds of different things. >> then they take your photo somehow, through magic, then alter it. >> i think you submit it. >> maybe. it's magic.
2:14 am
it happens magically. let's see what our results are. here's the before pictures of us and the after. >> okay. >> apparently. >> okay, that's me in ten years? at the age of 70? >> you just look whiter. >> that's pretty cool. >> a little jowlier. i'm not thrilled about it, but i'll take it. >> oh, not good. i look the same. it's the jowls. i already have that going on, i don't care. >> you said you don't wear any sunscreen at all. >> unless it's in the lotion i previously -- >> you don't buy it because it has sunscreen in it. >> it just happens to be in there. >> we had a thing yesterday where we talked about kathie lee likes her things orderly. >> usually we get cards, like hoda had before. i don't know where they are. everything's broken here. regardless of what you've read. and everything's broken, and so
2:15 am
we got these yesterday. i thought, well, that's fun. very nice and orderly. hoda did this to hers. >> i like to have shorter sheets. >> and sheets with this on it with nothing that can help you at all. >> we asked why is it you like things so precise with such precision and why do i have piles of ripped-up things. >> yes, that are useless. we reached out to psychiatrist dr. janet taylor who's a doll, we like her a lot. >> this is what she said about each of us, kathie lee, you are conscientious, planned, targeted for achievement no matter what the circumstance, you're disciplined, you'll say, wait a minute, let's figure this out first, think it through. >> hoda is open, going with the flow, creative, adaptable, will think, whatever, i'll make this work. >> you know what, it's true. ? absolutely right on. she has an advantage, she knows us. >> she does know us. >> let's find somebody with no idea who we are. >> you're right. >> see what they say.
2:16 am
>> in addition to this party that's going to be going on all throughout the show, we are going to go outside for the last few minutes of our show, because mt. rockefeller is outside. we are going to have another contest. apparently the olympics begin in one year from today. >> they will not be sending us, because they are terrified of an international incident, but that's all right, we'll celebrate with them. >> we are going to go down mt. rockefeller. we saw those guys do theirs. we're going to show them how it's done. we're going to get on that mountain. >> i'm a little frightened. yesterday, i was walking down to our gym, i'm holding bambino -- we're going down to work out like we do every day. >> what happened? you slipped? >> yeah. i don't know what's going to happen to me. >> i'm scared. >> all right, we're just getting the party started. >> a girl always ready for a good time. >> kelly osbourne from "the fashion police" we're going to talk to her right after this. [ coughs ]
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today's style is brought to you by -- yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to so good with tips from today's style experts. >> in today's style, rock royalty daughter kelly osbourne has been in the public eye for most of her life, but now she is known as a fashion critic on e's "fashion police." >> they had their own fashion bowl, and at the end of the show, each host did their own touchdown dance. let's take a look at kelly's. ♪ >> wow! >> okay. >> i wish we could look at joan's. >> joan's was absolutely amazing. >> was it?
2:20 am
>> george shocked me in a way that i didn't think he possibly could. >> how so? >> because, he came in, george doesn't wear jeans like that. didn't occur to me they were going to be rip-away jeans. i had to literally get explained what a touchdown dance was and why they did it. when we were filming it, it was one of the funnest shows we filmed because none of us know anything about fool. >> i know a lot. when we get to commercial, tell me what the touchdown dance is, because that i don't know. okay? >> literally, honestly, we knew nothing. it was, as i say, more fun. >> i don't know how you guys just don't fall apart laughing. >> we do. >> grammys are this weekend. are you going to be on the red carpet again talking about things? >> i am. i'm getting on a plane tonight to go back. i have "fashion police" in the morning, then we make predictions as well, on what we hope and think people are going
2:21 am
to be wearing and stuff so we get a better idea of what is available on the red carpet right now. it's a lot of research, but the grammys are really fun. people like to go big. >> nobody plays it safe at the grammys. >> that's what i love. i really appreciate it. >> which is more you than joan. joan tends to love more of the traditional elegant style, doesn't she? you're the one that's out there with the fashion. >> i do have purple hair. >> yeah. >> but joan, you know, look at pictures throughout her career, people forget, like, she's always dressed incredibly. >> yeah. she loves that. >> i look at all of her stuff from years ago and i'm like, do you still have that? >> you know what, constantly, to pay for her habit, she's addicted to fantastic clothes. >> even in her house, what you would think is a wall isn't a wall, it's a cupboard, closet. where else do you have stuff hidden? >> everywhere. everywhere.
2:22 am
>> a lot of these celebs are out on the red carpet. who's standing out to you this year? >> in the music world? >> all the world. >> music world, always going to be rihanna and adele for two different reasons. adele because she's so classic and found her token style and is so eloquent and beautiful as well as elegant. whenever she's on the carpet. and rihanna because she can go from, like, her caribbean, you know, east london street style to couture and have it be as equally mind blowing. when it comes to film, i think kerry washington has just taken the cake this year. >> has she really? >> she somehow manages to pull off so many different trends at once and still make them work. >> beautiful girl. >> she's also really, really, really nice. >> that's not supposed to influence your decisions, right? what you think about the person? >> i don't do that, but it is just one of those things when you look up to somebody so much for their fashion and you do
2:23 am
meet them and they don't disappoint. >> what happens if you love somebody, seau love kerry and she shows up in a horrible outfit. what do you do then for a person you really love? >> they ask me what i think of it and i tell them the truth. >> you do? >> yeah, i would want somebody to do the same for me, just like if i walked out with a boogey in my nose. i'd want someone to tell me. >> i can agree with you there. have fun at the grammys. >> we love when you come see us. catch "fashion police" on sunday nights at 10:00 on e! and watch for their special episodes on monday following the grammies and the academy awards. >> who's the best in music? we celebrate the grammys and play "who knew?" after these messages. a lot of you may have heard about probiotics but may not realize what they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside but with 70% of our immune system
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located in our gut, the core of our health is truly on the inside. that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health, the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day.
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all right. we are playing "who knew?" and it's all about the grammys.
2:28 am
>> chocolate covered pretzels. this valentine's day we'll make homemade treats. >> then which team is on top our en-joy get fit club. they're look good. come on now. or throat may occur and may be fatal. intermezzo should not be taken if you have taken another sleep medicine at bedtime or in the middle of the night or drank alcohol that day. do not drive or operate machinery until at least 4 hours after taking intermezzo
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welcome back to "today" on this wines day wednesday. we have d.j. mel in the house. guys, he's cranking up some great music for us. we have kathie lee gifford across the street, and in the studio, we are having a party as we wait for you. look at the party, here it is. hold on. here's the party. it's coming. and go. okay. any who -- wait, come on, jerry. jerry! it's stuck on the lights! >> oh! >> any who, it was going to --
2:31 am
it was going to be amazing. hold on. go ahead, joe! >> this is the worst -- this is the worst ever! all right. whoo! anyway, joe levy is the editor of "billboard" magazine. kathie lee is across the street. we have special drink in honor of the grammys. we are going to start out with a margarita from margaritaville, apparently. anyway, we'll have kathie lee do our thing. >> this lovely lady is from lake placid, florida. who knew there was one? which artist did not tie for most nominations at this year's grammy awards? fun, mumford and sons, frank ocean or beyonce'. >> tie? >> did not tie, yeah. it's, you know, a one-hour show. >> fun?
2:32 am
[ beeps ] . >> you're going to love hoda's book! >> what was the question? >> what was the question? how many more of these would you like is the question. did not tie for the most nominations, that would be beyonce'. the others had six along with kanye west who had six and a guy from the black keys, dan ourback. >> again, we're having a margarita from margaritaville. kathie lee, back to you. >> finish the lyrics to this song, which is nominated for song of the year. ♪ ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller ♪ we could barely hear it, guys. it's that kelly clarkson song, right? >> get a little taller -- >> huh? >> just because i'm over doesn't mean i'm gone? [ dings ] >> i don't know. >> yes, yes.
2:33 am
there we go. there we go. >> what's the proper answer? >> just because i'm lonely. it was correct. kelly clarkson "stronger." now we go on to honoring toby keith's red solo cup. >> cheers, cath. back over to you. >> from philadelphia, name the artist whose song playing now is nominated for record of the year. who is this? ♪ ♪ we are young >> fun? >> apparently, nobody knows. [ dings ] >> answer is right. >> fun, huge, huge pop hit. and now i guess we're honoring the neil diamond song "red, red wine." >> i love being inside for this segment. kathie, over to you. >> yeah yeah. i'm having fun, too. you're from new jersey. true or false, british boy band one direction is nominated for "best new artist"? >> true? [ buzz ] >> so sad. that's surprising, right? >> that's a shame. >> you're going to love the book.
2:34 am
>> many accomplishments this year, besides being on the "today" show, two new albums at number one, sold more than a million copies in the space of one calendar year. >> cheers. here's to pina coladas and getting lost in the rain. >> my friend rupert holmes who wrote that. finish the lyrics to this song which is nominated for "best pop duo/group performance." ♪ everybody stops and staring at me ♪ ♪ i got a passion in my pants and i ain't afraid to show it ♪ it's by justin borini. i know it. >> somebody's got something in their pants. that's all i heard. >> i don't know. it's a justin borenni song for sure. i don't know. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> tequila sunrise in honor of the eagles' song "tequila sunrise." >> this is the best segment ever.
2:35 am
>> here's to breaking training. joe, thanks, sweetie. kathie lee is coming back across the street. they are already moving for the next challenge. we'rgoing to find out how much weight they've lost on the joy fit club right after this. en-joy. ♪ >> dance, girls. you got it. with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there.
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it is week four of our en-joy getting fit series where our two teams battle it out to lose the most weight. and get fitter. in today's healthy challenge we'll be making smoothies. first, you know them and you love them. team hoda! >> and team kathie lee. i wish they wouldn't do it phonetically. zakiya, heidi, and joy bauer! >> hi! >> this is the nail-biting part when you do the weight.
2:40 am
>> before i feature everybody's weight, i want to say that all of these stung ladies came into this challenge needing to lose various amounts of weight. but the common thread was they all had an elevated bmi, body mass index. it registered as overweight or obese. when you see their numbers on the screen, you are going to be amazed. not only are they losing weight, their bmis are going down, so they are looking thinner on the outside, but their insides are getting healthier, as well. >> let's start, shall we? >> first, yelena. she's down a total of 13 pounds! look at her bmi going down. >> good job! >> good for you, sweetie. >> jessica is down a total of 13 pounds. >> wow! go, jessica! look at those bmis. mindi is down a total of 18 pounds. >> way to go! >> follow the plan, it works. >> three weeks, team hoda is down 44 pounds.
2:41 am
>> for kathie lee. kathy is down a total of nine pounds. >> okay! >> zakiya is down a total of 13 pounds. >> zakiya! >> heidi is down a total of 16 pounds. >> wow! >> what's going to happen today? >> this is the ultimate smoothie making competition. so, they have 90 seconds to select all of these healthy and not so healthy ingredients in front of them that they are going to pop in a smoothie, then they are going to take it to their panel of judges, our food guru. and me. i'm going to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 for health, 5 being uber healthy, 1 being not so much. and bianca is going to rate 1 to 5 for taste. >> we're going to watch them. >> yes. . okay. start the clock. are you ready? go for it! >> use your fingers. >> 90 seconds. >> use your fingers. >> dump it.
2:42 am
dump it. >> come on, come on! >> dump it in there. come on. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. get your fingers, get dirty. >> get in. >> oh, yeah. i like it. come on. >> we'll put these up on the web after. >> you got it. >> throw the fruit in, you guys. throw it in there. come on, come on. >> pepper? >> okay. good one. how much time is left? >> i don't know. >> 42 seconds. 42 seconds. ♪ >> hold it down. here. got it? >> all right. >> put your ingredients on the tray.
2:43 am
ingredients on the tray. ♪ >> nine, eight, seven, six -- five, four, three -- that's it. >> okay! >> here we go. >> okay. >> that was close. so, we have bianca. >> tasting portion. >> so, in terms of the health, these are all of your ingredients. okay. black seeds, honey yogurt, spinach, banana. on a scale of 1 to 5 for health, you guys are going to get a 4. >> a 4? 1 to 10? >> 1 to 5. i gave it a 4. >> taste it first. >> hold on. we got something.
2:44 am
>> wait. >> here's what this is really made for. what do you give it? >> scale of 1 to 5. >> 4, 3. >> we got a 4. you got a 3. nice try. nice talking to you. >> i beg to differ. >> i'm going to give this one a 3. this one got a 3. >> then it's a tie. >> that's great. you know what, that's a 5, ladies. that's a 5. >> delicious. coming up, valentine's day day treats you can make with the kid with five ingredients or less. first these messages. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. and boy, do we have a lot to talk about. let's get you right through the rest of this week and the big
2:45 am
storm we're forecasting for the northeast. later today of course your thursday outlook, showers move into the plains, into the southeast. you can plan on delays if you're traveling into atlanta. perhaps even a few delays up into chicago as we're looking at more of a rain/snow mix. all snow here around the great lakes. very soggy for the southeast today. and these two systems are going to phase together to become a bigger storm across the northeast. the cold air is in place there. only 31 in new york city for the high today. now by friday this is where everything goes downhill as we are forecasting a major storm in the northeast, especially across new england. very heavy snow. the timing looks to be later in the day where the conditions get worse and go downhill with heavy snow and some very high winds. new york city up to boston. so you may want to rethink your travel plans or just plan on being home by the time the afternoon rolls around on friday. get off the roads as they are
2:46 am
going to get very dangerous. saturday lingering snow and wind across new england. starting to clear out in new york as the day goes on. here comes another storm on saturday bringing more snow to the rockies. rainshowers across the plains and a severe threat right along this cold front saturday into sunday. so we have winter storm nemo initially for the northeast and then severe weather to watch out for. the second half of the weekend. and more winter weather moving into the high plains. on monday snowshowers across the great lakes. rain moving into the east coast. this time it's going to be mild enough for mostly a rain event coming through early next week on tuesday rainshowers tracking into the southeast. only 23 there in minneapolis. remember you can get the latest forecast week day mornings wake up with al at 5:30.
2:47 am
2:48 am
on today celebrate
2:49 am
valentine's day, easy treats you can make with your little sweethearts at home. >> no better way to put a smile on your kids's face than with some homemade pizza and snacks. delicious ideas using five ingredients or less. >> five ingredients or less. >> kids love to be in the kitchen with their mama. >> they do. we're about the busy mom's guide to being simply super. so let's keach it easy for mom. >> that's what i was going to suggest. >> keeping it simple, can you help with these? these are flirty fruit kabobs, and you simply cut your fruit into little tiny hearts. what kid doesn't like fruit on a stick, right? they are going to eat about anything if it's on a stick. they are healthy and delicious and use whatever fruit is in season. >> very cute. okay. >> okay. >> very nice, hoda. >> very nice. okay, i don't know if this counts as cooking, to be honest with you, cookie cutter. one of the things i really like
2:50 am
to do is mix it up with my kids. so, we're having a valentine's day breakfast this year in both of their classrooms. this is taking toaster waffles, adding a little low fat yogurt and putting fruit on top. these are our very berry waffles, three minutes instead of three hours. >> what kid doesn't like this? come on. >> do these for classroom parties, use pre-made pizza crusts. >> everything is so simple. >> i know. that's what we're all about. >> i just thought of that. you can do this at dinnertime, for your family, really cute on valentine's day, or do it on your own. if you want to dive in. >> i don't like onions. >> onions out. >> it's bad for your breath, isn't it? looks like those are nice bell peppers. >> i don't like those. >> what about cheese? you like cheese? the more cheese the better as far as i'm concerned. those are valentines pretzel rods. so simple.
2:51 am
dip the pretzels into microwaved chocolate. you can get the kids involved decorating. let them add sprinkles, candies, anything they've got. >> love it. >> thank you very, very much. happy valentine's day. >> treats for up our alley. >> we made it a month without taking a sip so we're throwing a wine party. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime. take it in bed only when you need it and have at least four hours left for sleep. do not take intermezzo if you have had an allergic reaction to drugs containing zolpidem, such as ambien. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath
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all right. we are here at the top of mount rockefeller. kathie lee is on her way up the stairs. >> hi! >> hello, hoda. >> one year until the olympics are in sochi, russia, so we wanted a little vodka. come on in, boys. >> cute guys. >> finishing off our day. dewatchery. debachery. >> take a sip? >> yeah. >> all right, guys. put it on ice. thank you.
2:55 am
>> what we're going to do, we're going to have a little race. that's your tube. this is my tube. i guess we get in them and go down. are you ready? >> look out for that thing. ready? okay. >> okay. >> look out for that. >> i don't want to go. >> i know. i'm just telling you. >> wait. >> what do you mean make sure? how do you steer the doggone thing? ready? set! ahh! >> that was fun! >> okay. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> i can't hear you. >> pull this off. >> wait a second, we're done with your "ladies home journal" thing? >> yes. let's drink, all right?
2:56 am
>> what's wrong with you? >> look at these cute drinks you're going to sip your wine out of. >> thank you. >> adorable. >> nice sledding, by the way. >> what are these guys? >> keep your wine chilled or champagne chilled. they are like cold rocks but are more feminine, more beautiful. >> put them in the freezer? >> yes, they're called wine pearls. they are beautiful to put in all the glasses. >> very festive. this is fun for your drinking. it's an aerator. and bottle stops. so these hand-blown glass aerates the wine, brings out the flavors as you drink it. pour that right into your glass. >> only for red wine, right? >> right. let it breathe a bit, right? okay, so clos de bois lets you wear your wine.
2:57 am
okay, let's see your wine. >> what do you mean? >> these are people with real problems. >> lip gloss. >> i have a question before we continue. did you think we'd be able to do this whole month? >> i am so proud of you. of yours you could. >> i mean, you guys bent it a little. >> no, we didn't! >> never, never, never. >> that was savannah. >> that was not true. >> i think that was an awesome challenge. chocolate-covered wine bottles. goose cross wine you can choose a bottle of wine, have it dipped in dark chocolate or milk chocolate. it peels right off. >> so you eat that? >> yes. >> very cute. >> eat it with your wine. it's a perfect pairing for girl's night. these are chocolate-covered, wine-infused grapes. >> oh, my gosh. they a they are raisinettes.
2:58 am
some have bleu cheese, some are chocolate covered. candles in recycled wine bottles, so they are inspired by chardonnay, pinot noir, all the flavors of wine. >> beautiful. thank you again. come back tomorrow. it's going to be an even better show. >> i think i got the bleu cheese one. have a great day, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. >> i got bleu cheese. >> so did i. >> they're authors, best friends and wives of news men. >> i'm married to george clooney and she's married to brad pitt. >> totally honest. >> she's going to get all jerry springer in here. >> calling each other out. and holding nothing back.
2:59 am
>> and come clean on the boob job. >> please cut this part out. jeff: roll it. a little about me. i'm recently married.. i work with my wife on the show. and i'm learning to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family.. i'm hosting a talk show because there's a lot to talk about. welcome to the show. have a seat. thank you for the welcome. doing my power walk. before we walk down the hallway we power walk. you know when your butt valleyly tight? all right. today two very, very funny and smart women both married to high profile news men and they're best friends in real life. strange combination. ali wentworth, comic, actress author married

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